Sustainable Options

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy Weekend!

What did you do this weekend? Was it sustainable?

Things we did:

My husband put in a Raised Bed to plant our winter garden. Oh and we found our tomatoes 112_0609like their new home with a bit of shade; they are looking better. Also we learned that gardening is expensive when you are just starting out. The price for the raised bed is going to be well over $200 when it is done for wood, dirt, seeds, etc. But next year we will only have to pay for seeds so I just need to keep reminding myself of that.

Rorie learned to ride a two-wheel bike. I am so proud of her and she loves it. She used a balance bike for the last 9 months (a bike with no pedals) and this weekend we traded it with a friend for a “tip over pedal bike” (this is what Rorie calls it). She did great and is riding (with no training wheels) at the age of 3.5. I would highly suggest the balance bike to parents of toddlers, it is a great way to learn!

112_0651Rorie with her new bike in front of the dirt that is going in our new Raised Bed garden!

What did I do that was sustainable? Well I finally started to bring not just grocery bags to the store but also produce bags. I am storing a few produce bags in my reusable grocery bags so I remember to bring them back to the store and reuse them. Oh and it was pizza night at our house for dinner. Yummy, homemade dough and we all had different pizzas with lots of leftovers for tomorrow night!

I had Caramelized Onion Prosciutto Pizza:

112_0615 Rorie got to make her own!

Check back later this week for a give away with and a review of Smartypants vitamins!


  1. I love that pizza recipe. We had it last week :) I'm so proud of Rorie! We have to get together soon for the kids to ride bikes!

  2. Yea Rorie!!!! That's so cools shes leaned to ride at 3. I cant wait tell we start bike riding with dd also.