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Monday, January 24, 2011

Yummy Easy Brown Rice

I have been trying to switch to brown rice for a long time and I have had some success with cooking it but it seemed like a lot of work and it took a while.
Here is a great recipe that only takes 40 minutes. I did during the kids naptime and I warmed it up later for dinner. Oh and I went back to snack on it later that evening. That says something out of all the treats in the house I wanted to snack on brown rice! Oh and I bought it from Massa Organics at our local farmers market, there rice and wheat is the best and makes great products.

We used it to make Mexican rice bowels. Rice, meat (we used ground beef), black beans, salsa, cheese and avocado. This is an easy dinner and most things can be prepared in advance I also made black beans from scratch. Again it was an easy recipe and required no soaking! These were by far the best beans I have made, they were cooked through but not mushy!

Rice bowls are versatile, you can use different beans, meats, veggies, sauces but you’ll always know you are giving your family a healthy meal. Also for my picky kids I gave them all the parts of the rice bowl in different sections on there plate (not mixed up). Since there was a variety of veggies and protein sources I didn’t have to worry that they ate every bite. A few more good things about this meal is its economical and keeps well for lunches or tomorrows dinner.

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Good Article on Fluoride

We do not live where their is fluoride in the water, which I think is great because it gives us the choice.  Our children (2 and 4yrs) use non-fluoride toothpaste.  When they are older and not swallowing so much of it I will consider a more natural fluoride toothpaste.