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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alternative Medicine????

I wanted to write a quick post about Leo’s visits to the Chiropractor/Cranial Sacral therapist (she does both).  DSC02088

Ear Infections: In the middle of July after many days of swimming, several plane rides and contracting the flu. Little Leo had a fever for about 4 days so I took him to the doctor and she said he had a double ear infection and needed antibiotics.  I protested but the doctor won after explaining possible consequences of not medicating.  Also I had to consider myself lucky that this was our first round of the dreaded pink stuff (amoxicillin) for Leo who is 18 months and Rorie has never had it. 

So we did a 10 day round of amoxicillin which I can not say that Leo consumed the right amount of everyday but I can say that we tried our best (he truly hated the stuff).  He got better and we were all sleeping good again.  Until a week later when we went swimming again.  He presumably (as we never went back to the doctor) got a second ear infection and was up all night literally screaming or nursing. 

I wanted nothing to do with another round of antibiotics so I decided to try the alternative rout and found Dr. Lynn a Chiropractor/Cranial Sacral therapist where we live that specializes in babies and children.  We began seeing her in early August and where as it was not an immediate fix I can say that Leo has beat the reoccurring ear infections and that he is healthier than he has been most of his childhood now 1.5 months later!   DSC01973

He loves seeing Dr. Lynn she is great with him and he completely calms when she is working on him and signs “more” after she is finished.  Leo has been congested most of his life and after seeing Dr. Lynn he no longer has a constant snotty nose!  We are going to continue to see her for healthy maintance every few months or as needed. 

You can find Dr. Lynn and read more about her work  with babies and children at

I am writing this just to share our experience with chiropractic care we have not been compensated in anyway. 

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  1. I really do hate amoxicillin not sure what exactly is in it but around her it just made everything worst. So glad that the chiropractor worked for you.