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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to basics!

This is a great article about changing how we eat. Over the last year my family has done most of these things. We are not perfect but we only go out to eat once or twice a week. We have been a member of a CSA for almost two years and I have been visiting farmers markets since I was a kid. We now have our own garden (if only we could get it to produce!). We make our own bread, cookies, jam, and many other snacks. We purchase about 75% of our food from the local food co-op buying seasonal and local when possible. Our kids are learning to garden, cook, shop local and they only eat the best seasonal fruits and veggies! As a family we are wasting less, saving money, spending time together gardening and cooking.
What changes is your family making?


  1. Well I have always wanted to eat healthier but it seems now I am forced to. Ds who is breastfeeding is allergic to dairy, nut, egg, barley, wheat, and rye. So since its really hard to make sure what we are eating is okay for him since most foods list things that you have no idea what they are, ,and then there is cross contamination we are sorta forced to eat organic. I was making baby steps in this direction but now I am actually here. Its been interesting and I have a whole list of recipes of things to try as we really get into gear next month so we shall see how this goes. I have found many recipes I love and since I love baking I am getting all my stuff together so I can make our own breads,cookies, and things. It really starts next month for us as I do all our shopping in a whole foods store, but this month I have gotten lots of organic goods,and I am excited to make this new change for our family.

  2. I hope it goes good and helps Ds because it will be so good for your family too. We have made changes a little at a time. Moving to Davis helped a lot since we are now 5 minutes from the food Co-op and farmers market. My major change last fall was stopping buying bread. I had never made bread when I made that commitment. The cool thing is that now I realize its not just traditional bread that you can make so if I don't have much time I make biscuits, pancakes or something else. Or we go with out bread a lot which is fine too.