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Sunday, November 21, 2010

fresh pesto tomato pizza

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This is the super yummy pizza I made last night for dinner! So we were planting the rest of our winter garden and we took out the rest of our basil plants (from our summer garden), we were going to dry it but when I looked up drying directions I saw pesto making directions. Pesto sounded good so I quickly threw the pizza dough ingredients in the bread machine and started making my first Pesto. The finished Pesto was quite yummy even my kids liked it (who are not normally fond of eating green things).
The pesto Pizza however was AWESOME! Just pesto, mozzarella, tomatoes and sausage (for my husband who has to has meat at all meals). I am off from work this week and hoping to catch up on some blog posts about what we've been up to. Especially our garden that we nearly killed! Also I am going to have a review up for this new kids cup, I am so excited for Leo to try out!
Check it out:

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