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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pizza Pizza


Ummm yummy yummy pizza.  So I am getting this bread maker stuff down.  I have made a few good loves and a few that didn’t rise but I am figuring it out.  But tonight we had the best pizza.

Made the dough using the basic bread maker recipe.  Then added tomato sauce,  mozzarella and other cheeses, bell pepper, Garlic (for Sean’s half) and sausage (made at Nugget market, its the best),.  It was super good.  Sean says one of the best pizzas ever.  112_0614

I also like that I can pinch off a bit of dough and let Rorie make her own.  She made a heart, added sauce, cheese, bell peppers (I don’t think she knew what the red stuff was but she put it on and ate it) and sausage!  She loves making it and I think she eats more because its her own creation.  112_0617

Tomorrow Sean says he will make French Toast with homemade bread so I gotta go program the machine.

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