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Sunday, August 15, 2010

We are finally composting!

or we will be tomorrow!  We bought a 50 gallon composting ball at Costco today.  My husband was going to make one but considering we still have a lot of other projects that need to be done around the house and garden, purchasing the composter seemed like a good idea.  The best thing about it is Rorie’s total curiosity about what you can compost. 

She wanted to put stuff in it tonight after they finished putting it together but I had already cleaned up the kitchen prior to buying it so I didn’t have anything to put in it.  So I told her she could help shuck the corn tomorrow and we would put green parts in the composter. 

She was so excited she ran to her dad and said “ tomorrow we are going to shuck the corn and put the green stuff in the composter, then we can feed it to our plants, we are making dirt” 

It is a great mini science lesson for Rorie and so great to see her running around the house begging to put things in the composter before bed! 

Update 2 days later: Rorie wants to look in the composter every few hours to see if it has made dirt/soil yet!  She has also started to request snacking items (like bananas) based on the amount of stuff the item will add to her compost bin! 


  1. The only bad thing is that the composter makes a quite-a-bit of noise when it is turned, and Rorie keeps wanting to go out in the yard and turn it while Leo is trying to going to sleep (with his open bedroom window facing straight into the yard).

    Regardless, it is a fantastic "toy" for the kiddos to play with, and I couldn't be more proud of Rorie for all the "work" she has put into both the composter and the garden.

  2. I just did a post on composting and included a link to your giveaway :)