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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kids Eat Soup

Rorie enjoying her soup through a straw!

Trying to get my kids to eat healthy is a daily challenge. Today for lunch I made egg flower soup.

Basic Recipe: Heat: chicken stock (homemade or box), onions, frozen peas, carrots, grated ginger, salt, pepper. I used grated carrots to make them cook faster. Just before removing from heat add 1/4-1/2 cup of cold water mixed with cornstarch (I used flour today as I was out of corn starch). Remove from heat and add 2+ lightly beaten eggs while stirring. Add soy sauce, salt and pepper when serving. Other yummy additions, tomatoes, other veggies, tofu or cooked chicken.

Rorie who is 3 liked the soup! Leo who is 18 months wanted to be mister independent and would not let me feed him. So I remembered my friend Jian's trick and let the kids use a straw. Ever independent Leo wanted to hold the bowl as well so I put his in a cup with a straw. He loved it and drank it all!

Eating Local:
Chicken stock: I made the stock last week from a local Rocky Chicken ( bought at the Davis Food Co-op (
Carrots/Tomatoes (which I added that evening for my husband and my soup) were from my Farm Fresh to You CSA box.
Rock Island Eggs:

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